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Caztec are a fully approved PAT Testers near you. We have been providing PAT Testing Certificates in Sunderland for over 20 years and we offer a fast, friendly and affordable portable appliance testing service.

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As local electricians (more about our domestic and commercial electrical services here) we cover a wide range of electrical testing and inspection services. To contact us for PAT testing prices in Sunderland please call 0191 541 2397 or email us here

PAT Testing In Sunderland

If you are looking for a reliable electrician to conduct Portable Appliance Testing in Sunderland then Caztec is a local business with an outstanding reputation.

PAT testing is a legal requirement for employers to ensure the safety of staff when using portable electrical appliances. Caztec has been established for over 20 years and will provide professional PAT testing for your business at a reasonable cost.

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What Is PAT Testing & How often is PAT required?

Portable Appliance Testing depends on the type of equipment and how it is being used. If you have portable electrical appliances used within a low risk environment, for example lamps in an office, then you wouldn’t require it to be tested as often as equipment used on a construction site.

There are a number of factors that determine the frequency PAT is required and because each circumstance varies, it is important that a competent PAT electrician advises the required frequency after analysing the specific situation.

Factors that determine the PAT frequency:​

  • Equipment type
  • How the equipment is used
  • How often the equipment is used
  • Competency/experience of people using the equipment
  • Environment equipment is being used in
  • Previous test results
  • Age of equipment
  • Recommendations provided by equipment manufacturer

Calculating PAT frequency for different environments

Whilst lower risk environments include Offices, Shops, Hotels and Nursing Homes it is still a legal requirement to have frequent inspections starting with a visual inspection every six months for handheld equipment and a combined visual inspection with testing every year (taken from the IET Code of Practice).

However, if you are responsible for any of the following, then you will have different approaches to consider:


Visual inspections are recommended to take place each term as a minimum and combined visual inspection/testing to be completed each year. You can’t take any risks with schools, as obviously children could come to serious harm if you do not fulfil the PAT obligations.

Landlords/Rental Properties

If you are a landlord of a House in Multiple Occupation and have supplied portable electrical appliances as part of the tenancy agreement, then you are required by law to have the appliances tested every five years. You can trust Caztec as one of the leading electricians in the Sunderland area to ensure your appliance testing is performed at the required standard.

​You are also obliged to ensure that all appliances have the CE marking to indicate that the appliance meets the European law requirements.

Equipment used by the Public

if the Public uses your equipment, then there is a requirement that you ensure the safety of the public by regularly testing the equipment.

Some examples of where this would apply are:

  • Gym machines, where members of the Public are using electrical gym equipment
  • Fruit/Games machines, e.g. in Pubs, Arcades, Bowling Alleys etc.

Visual inspections should be made weekly and a combined visual inspection and testing recommended a minimum of every six months.

Construction Sites

As you would probably guess, this is the highest risk environment of all. Given the type of work that is usually being undertaken and the types of tools and machinery involved, the highest level of PAT is required on construction sites. If you run a construction business then it is your obligation to keep your employees and the Public safe in and around sites.

PAT Testing for Factories, Workshops, and Commercial Kitchens

Another high risk environment due to the nature of work completed in these types of premises and the types of equipment that are typically used in workshops could vary massively from one to the next. Again, this is why it is vital that you get an experienced electrician to conduct your PAT Testing. Our Sunderland based electrical contractors at Caztec are experts in PAT Testing and give you full peace of mind by taking responsibility for the testing and frequency required.​

How is PAT Testing performed?

PAT Testing should be performed by a professional electrician and preferably someone that holds City and Guilds certification. Using specialised PAT testing tools the expert then tests each portable appliance and ascertains whether it passes or fails the test.

Whilst PAT Testing kits are available to purchase for anyone, it is advised that you only perform your own PAT Testing if you have the relevant qualifications and experience to do so. The consequences of not effectively conducting PAT Testing are far worse than paying a relatively small sum to ensure it is undertaken professionally and competently.​

How to indicate a Pass/Fail

All tested items are then labelled up with a Pass or Fail sticker, indicating the date of the test so that you can easily see how recently the test was taken. Any failed items should immediately be taken out of use.

Some common reasons for failing a PAT Test are:

  • Incorrect fuse fitted in the appliance
  • Damaged plug
  • Plug pins not insulated effectively
  • Damaged cabling/flex

Our experts at Caztec use their years of experience to provide accurate recommendations around the required PAT Testing frequency that are specific to each of our customers’ circumstances. Without this experience, it is practically impossible to accurately gauge how often your appliances require testing. Don’t take a gamble on your PAT Testing, get in touch with our friendly team of Sunderland electricians who will happily provide any electrical services and advice that you need.

As well as providing the highest standard of quality in PAT Testing in Sunderland, our team at Caztec provide electrical services of all natures. We perform fixed wiring tests,  rewiring, safety inspections and provide electrical installation condition reports amongst a wide range of services at very reasonable prices.

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