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We supply and install of a wide range of LED lighting systems, for both domestic and commercial use, LED lighting is suitable for numerous applications, from functional to feature lighting and our skilled local electrical contractors will carry out the work to the highest standard.

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Why you should be using LED lighting

Light emitting diodes or LEDs are becoming the lighting of choice for commercial and industrial properties, along with landlords and homeowners just like you. Along with up to 85% saving on energy costs, LED’s offer many advantages compared to traditional lighting solutions. Let’s find out!

Savings on both energy and cost

LED’s are the most efficient solution when it comes to power usage, and with the price of electricity constantly rising, making the switch can result in significant savings especially if you have a large property, need lighting 24/7 or have multiple locations.
In addition, whilst the initial outlay is greater, an LED light bulb has a life expectancy of up 50,000 hours, that’s over 50 times longer than an incandescent bulb, 10 times longer than a CFL bulb and 20 times longer than a standard Halogen light bulb.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Many businesses are introducing measures to reduce their carbon footprint and switching to LED lighting is a fantastic way not only to reduce your CO2 output, also due to the bulb’s longer lifespan installing this type of lighting helps reduce landfill waste and unlike fluorescent bulbs; LEDs have no mercury in them.


LED’s are not made from glass and don’t have a filament, meaning they are less likely to crack or shatter; this makes them the perfect solution for warehouses, food processing plants, schools, heavy industry and outdoor environments.
They also do not take time to brighten like some eco-friendly lighting, they can be switched on and off throughout the day without shortening their lifespan plus they produce cold light reducing the risk of fire in the workplace.

Professional LED lighting services

We work closely with our customers across the north east to ensure that the finished project meets their requirements. All our work is carried out to exacting standards with minimum disruption and we guarantee your new LED lighting will last longer and cost less.

We offer a wide range of LED lighting services, including strip lights, display lighting, coloured lighting, ceiling lights and much more. So, for a reliable electrical company you can trust,

Some of the Sunderland LED lighting installations include:

  • Kitchen & Bathroom lights
  • Garden lights
  • Building illumination
  • Industrial lights
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Energy efficient lights
  • Car showrooms
  • Schools
  • Sports lights

There’s something special about walking into a well-lit room and we have worked with many home-owners providing LED lighting services in Sunderland and throughout the north-east.

LED ceiling lights are indistinguishable from incandescent bulbs and CFL’s and run at a fraction of the cost of traditional lighting so whether you need your kitchen or bathroom updated, want to light up your garden or want to convert the entire house.


Commercial installations in Sunderland

When it comes to commercial and industrial lighting our experienced team of electricians are used to dealing with all types of installations from flood lights and security lighting to complete refits of energy saving LED lighting in offices.

We have over 30 years commercial experience, all our electricians are NECEIC approved and we can provide recommendations from dozens of happy clients. Our friendly team are always on hand for advice and can work with you to provide bespoke solutions.

Isn’t it time you switched to LED lights?

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