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As local electricians in Newcastle we have been providing PAT Testing services locally for almost 30 years and we are proud of our reputation of offering customers a professional, friendly and affordable portable appliance testing service.

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What Is PAT Testing & How often is PAT required?

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is a periodic examination of electrical equipment and appliances ensuring they are safe for people to use. The frequency of these tests relies on a number of factors including;

  • The type of equipment
  • What the equipment is used for
  • How frequently the equipment is used
  • Who uses the equipment
  • The environment the equipment is being used in
  • Previous PAT test results
  • The age of the equipment
  • Recommendations provided by the manufacturer

Calculating PAT frequency for different environments

Employers have the responsibility of determining when electrical equipment should be PAT tested to ensure the safety of employees or the general public. Our fully trained team of electricians are experienced in all areas of PAT testing and are happy to discuss what precautions you need to take and how often your PAT testing in Newcastle needs to be reviewed.


While there is no law stating how often PAT testing should take place recommendations by the HSE state that class 1 equipment is tested every year while class 2 equipment is tested every 48 months.

Landlords/Rental Properties

If you are a landlord who lets residential accommodation including flats, holiday homes, and caravans you are required by law to ensure that any electrical appliances you supply are safe and the best way to do this is with regular PAT testing. You can rely on us as the leading specialists in PAT testing in Newcastle to put your mind at rest.

Equipment used by the Public

Those who own equipment used by the public for example in gyms, pubs and leisure centres, electrical appliances need to be maintained to prevent injuries to the user and possible law suits. Regular PAT testing by a trusted electrical contractor in Newcastle will ensure your equipment is safe to use.

Construction Sites

This is the environment with the highest risk given the dangerous machinery which is used on site. If you run a construction business it is essential to keep both your employees and the general public safe and the best way to do this is with regular PAT testing every 3 months.

PAT Testing for Factories, Workshops, and Commercial Kitchens

Other high-risk areas include commercial kitchens, factories, garages and industrial workshops, the equipment, and appliances used here vary which is why you need an experienced electrician, conversant with all aspects of PAT testing to conduct these inspections.

PAT Testing kits can be bought, but to make sure the inspection is carried out correctly and ensure complete peace of mind, Pat testing should be carried out by a fully qualified electrician. PAT testing is affordable and cutting corners or not taking responsibility for your electrical appliances can have severe consequences.

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