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If you require fixed wire testing in County Durham then we are experts in this field. We have performed fixed wiring testing for customers all across the North East and are regarded as one of the top electricians in the Durham area.

Electrical wiring faults can cause severe consequences so it is important that you get a trustworthy and competent electrician to test your fixed wiring.

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Look no further. We are fully approved and registered electricians in Durham who can take care of all of your electrical.

As local electricians we cover a wide range of electrical testing and inspection services. To contact us for about fixed wiring testing prices please call 0191 541 2397 or email us here

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“We have used the Caztec Group for all our electrical work for the last nine years. The company are professional and extremely competent.
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Did you know that electricity is now the main cause of accidental residential fires in the UK? Approximately 350,000 people are seriously injured through electrical incidents in the home each year in the UK.

Source: Electrical.safety.first.org.uk

350,000 people are seriously injured through electrical incidents in the home in the UK each year

With these statistics, you can easily see why it is imperative to get your fixed wiring tested on a regular basis. Each premise has different requirements in terms of electrical testing and there are many factors that define how frequent you get the wiring tested, such as:

  • Age of wiring/equipment
  • What type of equipment is being powered
  • Environment the wiring is installed within

Don’t take any risks with your electrical wiring; make sure that you have it tested as frequently as is required.

With Caztec, you can talk to one of our friendly electricians who will visit your premises and inspect your electrical wiring.

We will then be able to make recommendations on how often you will require testing to take place, dependent on your specific equipment/environment.

If you would like, we can draw up a schedule for future testing so that you never miss the recommended testing dates. We will also be happy to conduct your tests for you on a regular basis in the future, as we will be familiar with your testing requirements.

The Health and Safety Executive recommends that “checks should take place often enough to ensure there is little chance the equipment will become unsafe between checks”.

They also advise that it is best practice to “have electrical equipment tested by a person with specific competence on that type of equipment”.

Our fixed wire testing includes

  • Remedial repair of all defects we discover
  • Customised fixed wire testing for your business to limit the amount of interruption or downtime you experience
  • Thorough inspection by both isolated and visual electrical checks
  • A Duty of Care certificate for reporting and auditing
  • Inform you of any electrical equipment or circuits that may be overloaded
  • Detect any potential fire hazards or electrical shock risks in your electrical set-up
  • Pinpoint any DIY electrical work that is defective
  • Highlight where there is a lack of bonding or earthing
  • Testing on wiring all associated fixed, electrical equipment in order to ensure it is safe.

As well as fixed wiring, we are also able to do your portable testing, so if you require both types of testing it may be worthwhile to schedule this at the same time as the electrical wiring testing if your PAT testing is due. If you are not sure when your PAT testing is due, then we can inspect your appliances and advise you accordingly.

We are highly qualified and experienced in all areas of electrical services, so whatever your electrical needs are, we will be able to help you. All of our electricians are qualified to the minimum standards and are some of the most competent electricians in the Durham City area.

Business owners – we can ensure you comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act

If you are a business owner then you have an obligation under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act to be responsible for the safety of your employees and other people that may use the business premises. Regardless of whether your workplace uses high risk machinery, or if you have a low risk environment such as a standard office, you should still ensure regular testing takes place.

It is not just the workplace that fixed wire testing is required, given the high number of injuries that occur due to faulty electrical’s, it is highly recommended that you have your home tested frequently as well. So many fires of electrical origin could easily have been prevented by a simple and quick test by an experienced electrician. Did you realise that everyday household appliances are the main cause of electrical fires? Call Caztec today for fixed wire testing quotations in Durham.

Top causes of electrical fires:

  • Cooking appliances
  • Wiring, cabling, plugs
  • Washing Machines/Tumble Dryers
  • Lighting
  • Dishwashers

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