5 Pro Tips To Hiring An Approved Electrician

Where To Find The Best Electricians

The contact details to a whole host of electricians and contractors in the North East is easily accessible at the click of a button. A quick Google search and the numbers and email addresses of all local electricians are at your fingertips. This is all well and good, however how do you know that the electrician you’re contacting is of quality and will carry out the repairs to the highest standard?

Where To Start

It may seem like a really obvious starting point but start by asking friends and family about the electricians they have used in the past and would recommend. If you ask any good electrician where they get the majority of enquiries from it would be via customers recommending their services to their friends and family. One thing to be wary of here is to always double check that the electrician is a fully qualified/ registered and not just a friend of a friend who has dabbled with electrical repairs from time to time.

What To Remember

Before verbally agreeing to have any work carried out on your property it is important to get a written quote for the scope of works once the repair/installation has been fully inspected. Make sure when you invite an electrician round to provide you with a quote that you are fully comfortable with them being in your property. Do they seem trustworthy? Are they answering your questions sufficiently? Here at Caztec we pride ourselves on making our customers feel as comfortable as possible ensuring we put any concerns at ease by answering questions in the simplest way possible.

Most Approved Sparks Will Provide This

Make sure before the work commences and you’re getting all the quotes together that you ask potential electricians to see previous work. Any good electrician would be happy to provide you with a portfolio of previous work to demonstrate that they carry out repairs and installations to the highest standard. If an electrician gets awkward about providing examples of previous work, alarm bells should start ringing.

approved electrician tipsOnce you have agreed for the work to be carried out, make sure that your lines of communication are clear and that they are contactable at all times. It is no use hiring someone who is not contactable, doesn’t turn up and disappears off the face of the earth once they have your money. At Caztec it is policy that our team are contactable 24/7, on hand for all your electrical needs.

5 Tips To Hiring Approved Electrical Services

  1. Go off recommendations- if you’re family and friends would recommend them to you then you are on to something good. Always check
  2. Get a written quote following a visit to the property so that the scope of work is clearly detailed and you feel comfortable with the person who will be carrying out the repair/installation
  3. Make sure you see previous work- a good electrician should keep a portfolio of all their work
  4. Make sure contact is regular and consistent. A good electrician will be easily contactable and open to communication with their customers.
  5. And finally, why not just hire Caztec to carry out your electrical repairs. That way, you are always guaranteed reliable contractors from electricians working to the highest standard.




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