Caztec can help with Energy Reduction in Sunderland, Newcastle, County Durham and across the North East.

Caztec-ECA-Approved-electrical-companyIf you are looking to plan your energy reduction and energy saving investment, Caztec Group are fully qualified and trained energy experts are happy and ready to help you.  We will not only provide you with the highest standard of energy consultancy services, without the high charges, in order to give you the best return on your investment and your business’s complete energy reduction and saving solution.

Reducing Demand To Increase Energy Saving

As we work with and have close ties to energy efficient technology developers, we are proud of the fact that we bring cutting edge and reliable products to help both businesses and homes reduce the demand for energy.  Voltage Optimisation is one of the primary ways we quickly and effectively can drop your energy demand and our LED lighting solutions will help cut the cost of lighting for your business dramatically.

Self-Generation and Energy Saving

We are not just focused on helping you and your business to use less energy, as we can also help you tom start producing your own energy too.  You could chose our photovoltaic panels to generate energy on your own and our biomass energy services to give you a working, renewable and clean solution to your business heating needs.  Our fully qualified designers and installers can discuss solar thermal systems for all hot water needs and infra red heating panels for wonderful, fully efficient heating.

Return On Your Investment

Caztec emergency call out imageAt Caztec we fully understand that you need to see the benefits financially of saving energy as well as following through on your ethical point of view.  That is why all of the energy reduction and energy saving solutions we provide have been developed to give the best return on your investment of any other options out there on the market at the moment.  The fact is that the payback periods on many of our energy saving technologies start in as little time as just a couple of years.  Therefore, if you are looking to save money and reduce your energy and want to see a tangible return on your investment, give us a call right away to learn of the advantages of saving energy with us.

We are one of the leading Electrical Energy Saving Companies in the North East, covering Sunderland, Newcastle Upon Tyne and Durham. Contact us here for to see how we can help with your energy reduction and start saving today.