Caztec Are Your First Choice For Emergency Lighting in Sunderland, Newcastle, County Durham and across the North East.

emergency 24 hour electrical call out imageAs an commercial and industrial electrical company fully versed in compliance, we know how best to provide the most thorough service to your business without causing disruption.  Our complete and comprehensive emergency light testing and installation service is fully supported with detailed reporting to ensure that it is legally compliant without any hassle or fuss.


Having an emergency support system in place that you can rely on not only gives you peace of mind, but helps you to fulfil legal obligations.


Our expert electrical specialists make sure that the position of your business’s emergency lighting is positioned in the most effective place possible on each and every emergency light testing and inspection job for which we are hired.


To protect your investment properly you need regular comprehensive electrical inspection and maintenance services that will keep your emergency lights operational both efficiently and safely.  This also involves inspecting and testing all control equipment, luminaries, batteries and key switches.

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To ensure your premises are safe we provide emergency light testing services that involves:


  • Electrical engineers who are qualified to carry out testing and maintenance on various types of electrical systems
  • Scheduled testing and rapid response maintenance
  • Tests that will disrupt your business as little as possible
  • Fully qualified and experienced electrical engineers with the appropriate industry certification

Competitively priced comprehensive emergency light testing and installation without the fuss!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need emergency light testing?


A yearly inspection of your emergency light set-up is required and a new test certificate should be issued no more than a year after the previous one.

I’ve had work carried out on my commercial building, do I need to have another emergency light test?


After completing either an emergency light system installation, part of it or a alteration to any installation that already exists, the owner of the building will be issued with an Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate.  The relevant enforcing authority may require a copy of this certificate as evidence.

What is a certificate and logbook?


After your premises has had its emergency light testing, you will be issued with a log book that should be kept on site and left in the care of someone and it should always be available for authorised individuals to check it.  The log book should keep a record of the following:


  • Completion certificate date
  • Every periodic inspection and test certificate date
  • Date of Every inspection, test and service Date and concise details
  • Date of all defects detected and remedial action carried out and concise details
  • Date of all alterations made to the emergency lighting with concise details


A Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection Test Certificate is issued to the building owner or occupier once a yearly inspection and test schedule has been completed.  The relevant enforcing authority may wish to see a copy of this certificate.

Do you charge for out of hours work?


As we understand your business needs to continue to operate with little to no interruption or disruption, we do not charge for out of hours emergency light testing work.  We will do all we can to ensure there is minimum downtime for your business.

We are one of the leading Emergency Lighting Companies in the North East, covering Sunderland, Newcastle Upon Tyne and Durham. Contact us here for our Emergency Lighting services and prices.