We all know that electricity is dangerous and this is why dealing with electricity is best left to the professionals. If you are looking to be confident about the condition of your property and the standard of electrical work, it is worth your while arranging an electrical safety inspection for your property.

At Caztec, we are the leading electricians in the North East and if you are looking for the best standard of electrical safety inspection Sunderland has ever seen, we are here to help.

We offer trained, licenced and registered electrical services

We can offer commercial and domestic safety inspection testing and we are fully registered, licenced, trained and qualified to carry out this level of work. If you are serious about caring for your home or premises, call on the professionals to ensure that your electrics are as safe as they can be.

No matter where you live or work in the North East, you’ll find that Caztec is the leading local company in Sunderland, Newcastle and Durham. We are proud to say that we provide a first class standard of service and we aim to offer the most effective price. Contact Caztec for a free quote with no obligation.

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The key things that a periodic inspection is looking for includes:

  • Checking to see if any equipment or electrical circuits are being overloaded
  • Being on the lookout for any fire hazards or potential shock risks
  • Uncover any defective electrical components or work
  • Point out a lack of bonding

Tests are also undertaken on wiring and on fixed electrical equipment to ensure that they are safe and fit for purpose. Another major service that we provide is an evaluation and schedule of your circuits. This is something that many homeowners will find of value so if you are looking to stay on top of everything at your home, contact us and we will help you care for your property in the most effective manner.

We provide specialist landlord electrical safety inspection services

Caztec-ECA-Approved-electrical-companyOne thing that is important to remember is that landlords have to take responsibility for the electrical safety in their home. This means that they should be calling on electricians or electrical contractors like Caztec to provide support and an all-important electrical test to ensure that their home receives an electrical certificate.

While the recommended period of time for an electrical test is every 10 years for an owner occupied property, this falls to 5 years for a rented property. At Caztec, we are pleased to say that we provide landlord focused services that will ensure your property is up to standard and that you and your tenants are being cared for.

The buy to let market has exploded in the UK of late, and this means that many new landlords have entered the market. There is an opportunity for people to make money but landlords need to make sure that they are meeting the requirements. If you are unsure about what the expectations ore requirements are with respect to electrical work at your property, get in touch and we’ll arrange an appointment. We will evaluate your home and provide you with a no obligation quote for all electrical testing services you require.

What is involved with a periodical electrical inspection?

Caztec-Electrical-Contractors-AssociationThe following tests are involved with the electrical testing that we provide for clients in the North East.

  • The standard of bonding and earthing
  • How suitable the control gear and switch gear is – which includes fuse boxes and switches
  • The suitability of light fittings, sockets and switches
  • An evaluation of the wiring system and its condition
  • Sockets that could be used to provide power for portable electrical equipment
  • Any signs of determination or wear and tear
  • Any changes in the way the property has been used

Our testing will also ensure that there is a suitable level of notices and identification around the property. This is a simple task that is often overlooked but this is why you are calling on the best electricians in the North East to provide you with support. Our team are well skilled in carrying out all manner of domestic electrical testing and we will ensure your property is up to scratch or you receive the assistance that will bring your property up to the expected standard.

For peace of mind, make sure your property or home is tested to the best possible standards. For a free quote with respect to the best North East electrical testing services, contact Caztec.