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It stands to reason that you want the best for your home and this is why there are certain roles and tasks that you really want to leave to the professionals. We know that there is a great sense of pride and satisfaction to take from carrying out DIY work yourself, but there are also many jobs that are best left to people who are qualified and trained to carry out the job. This is certainly the case when it comes to household electrical wiring and for the best household electrical wiring in the North East, be sure to call on Caztec.

We have been providing a high standard of electrical services since 1991 and we are pleased to say that we are well regarded across the local area. Whether you are in Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham or anywhere in the North East, if you are looking for a qualified, licenced and registered electrical company that provides the best standard in domestic support, make sure you rely on Caztec.

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We offer an extensive range of household electrical wiring services

Whether you have a new home and you are keen to ensure that your electrical wiring is of the highest standard and sufficient to meet your needs, or you want your current electrical wiring remodelled, we can help. One of our skilled electricians will come to your property, review the current set-up and more importantly, we will get to know what you are looking for.

It may be that your current electrical wiring set-up isn’t suitable for your needs and you don’t have to settle for this. We can help you design the most effective and efficient electrical wiring service for your home. We are pleased to offer a bespoke domestic electrical wiring service in Sunderland and no matter where you are in the North East; we can help you model your home in the most appropriate manner.

Reasons to call on Caztec include:

  • We offer design services
  • We offer installation services
  • We provide quotes with no obligation
  • We aim to provide you with the best level of customer service
  • Our team is fully licenced and registered

We offer energy management electrical services

Caztec-ECA-Approved-electrical-companyEnergy management wiring is a Caztec speciality so if you are looking to improve your home, we are the local electrical experts to call on. Improving the energy efficiency of your wiring allows you to play a role in improving the environment but it will also help you to save money. When you are energy efficient, you waste less energy so you use less energy.

When you lose less energy, you save money on your monthly heating bills. When you think about the continually rising prices of energy bills, we think that improving the energy efficiency of your home is a smart option for all residents in Sunderland and across the North East.

If you want to learn how we can improve your energy management, arrange an appointment and one of our electricians will come to your property. This allows us to review your current electrical status and we will meet you with to determine what you need. We are more than happy to provide you with a tailored electrical service that will meet all of your needs.

We can improve your house wiring considerably

One of the most common types of domestic electrical work we have undertaken of late is with respect to sound systems and home theatres. A lot of homeowners are investing in serious set0ups at their home, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a good night out without leaving their home. This is the sort of investment that will be repaid many times over but the quality of experience owes a lot to your electrical set-up. To ensure you have the best set-up for your home cinema or sound system in Sunderland, contact Caztec and we will provide you with a quote at no obligation.

We provide internal and external lighting

about-us1There has also been a rise in demand for outdoor lighting services, and we believe we offer the best standard of indoor and outdoor lighting in the North East. Improving the standard of lighting outside of your home improves security, it can add value to your home and it will ensure that you get to make the most of warm weather in the North East.

If you enjoy the idea of socialising in your garden, call on us to provide you with the best standard of external electrical services in Sunderland. We can also provide a full design and installation service for the electricals associated with saunas, hot tubs and swimming pools so if you are looking to enhance your property in the most enjoyable and sociable of manners, we can help.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of electrical services for your household and whether your focus is on safety, security, value for money, functionality or fun, we can help.

Our skilled and qualified electricians can provide you with the best standard of dimmer and motion switches and we can help you benefit from reliable surge protection services. If you are looking to install air conditioners or ceiling fans, we can help you make the most of them.

As one of the leading house wiring companies in Newcastle we cover all the North East region including Newcastle Upon Tyne and County Durham. Contact us here or call 0191 541 2397