At Caztec, we are pleased to say that we have a team of highly skilled and qualified electricians who are comfortable in dealing with all manner of commercial and domestic electrics. No matter what element or aspect you need support with; we believe that we are the leading North East electricians. If you are looking for support in Sunderland, Newcastle or Durham, call on Caztec to keep your home, possessions and loved ones safe.

There are many vital electrical elements and components around your home and circuit breakers have a huge role to play in keeping your home or property safe. These breakers play a big role in ensuring that your electrics aren’t being overloaded and that you are not at risk of overheating.

Circuit breakers are meant to trip if something is wrong

Circuit breakers are designed in such a way that they are sensitive to these conditions and if they are exposed to these conditions, they will trip. In some ways, a circuit breaker that has tripped is good, because it shows that it is working and that you have a barrier of protection at your home. However, if a circuit breaker is broken, and isn’t being tripped by these conditions, you may find yourself at great risk. It is hard for most homeowners to know what to look for with respect to a broken circuit breaker and if there are no obvious or apparent issues with the breaker, you would naturally assume that everything was working as it should

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Here are three signs that your circuit breaker may be broken:


  • The same circuit breaker continually trips
  • There is corrosion around a circuit breaker
  • The circuity breaker has a loose on/off switch

Dealing with a broken or damaged circuit breaker is not something that you should be dealing with yourself. When untrained or unqualified people deal with circuit breakers, they run the risk of causing bigger problems or injuring themselves or placing people or the property at risk. You should never mess around with electrics but it is fair to say that broken circuit breakers can be extremely unsafe. This is why Caztec aims to provide the most reliable and effective level of circuit breaker support in Sunderland, Newcastle and Durham. All across the North East, we have provided reliable, fast and affordable service when it comes to maintaining, repairing or installing circuit breakers.

We will review your circuit breaker

One of our qualified electricians will come to your property and review the circuit breaker. It may be that the fault lies with the wiring of the system or something that is being used on that breaker, so there are many factors to consider when evaluating broken circuit breakers. This is why it is best calling on the services of a professional because there are many things to take into consideration. Our electricians are registered, licenced, insured and fully trained and qualified, all of which means we are confident we will provide you with the best service for your needs.

We provide a bespoke circuit breaker service

We will offer you a tailored and bespoke quote for all work, and this comes with no obligation. Given that the extent of the issue and problem isn’t known before it is evaluated, it is impossible to provide quotes upfront but after testing your system and evaluating your wiring, you can be confident that Caztec will provide you with the best value for money quote in Sunderland. We aim to support the local community and we believe that our experience and expertise allows us to offer you the best possible price without cutting corners.

We offer commercial breaker services

Caztec-ECA-Approved-electrical-companyWhile most people associate circuit breakers with their home, they are also a vital component of many commercial buildings. If you are suffering from a broken circuity breaker in a commercial setting, it is imperative that you have this reviewed, repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. At Caztec, we aim to keep the local businesses of the North East going as best we can, and we will be with you as quickly as possible. We also promise to evaluate the system and issues as quickly as possible and then provide you with a fair and reasonable quote that comes with no obligation. If you cannot run the risk of broken circuit breakers or dealing with faulty wiring, you need to call or visit our homepage here.

We also provide an emergency service, and if you have any issues, relating to your circuit breaker or not, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with assistance.